Rhinoplasty without surgery -Filler Injections

Injection RHINOPLASTY (Sodium Hyaluronate)-
The filler injections are used for minor correction on the dorsum of the nose ,The injections have been approved by US FDA and are commonly used for facial scars lip augmentation etc,they are now also used on the Nasal surface
All fillers gets absorbed their effect typically last 6 to 9 months but sometimes can lst up to 2 years
Cost of the filler injection can range from 12000/Rs to 30000/ Rs, Professional fee extra-so they are not cheap but offer some distinct advantage

indications and advantages

  1. Good for small augmentation

  2. Masking hump, tip irregularities

  3. Immediate results

  4. No hospitalization required

  5. Minimal side effects(US FDA approved)

  6. Good for patients who have a social urgency

  7. Like a marriage in family Award ceremony ,film actors

  8. TV anchors who need immediate results and cannot undergo ritual and healing process there is no substitute for a Surgical RHINOPLASTY